Why Choose Casey Marketing Creations for Your Website Project? 


Not just a web designer


I have a solid background in digital marketing, and along with your website you will have the option of strategy plans, SEO optimisation, email marketing funnels, PPC and Facebook Ad campaigns, graphic design and much more.


One Stop Shop


What most people don’t realise when hiring a web designer, is that the web designer will do JUST THAT.  For a larger sum of money, they will design the website.  The chances are, it won’t be compliant with, for example, a Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy or Terms & Conditions.  It won’t have Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixels installed ready to collect data for you.


So how do you gather data about your audience? 


How do you collect leads? 


How do you re-market to those who visited your site or saw your special offer, but didn’t convert?


You need more than just a web designer.



With Casey Marketing Creations you will have:


– contact with just one person (me – Sophie Nicole Casey)

– advice and assistance with anything and everything digital

– the option of paying hourly or a full project price which can be paid in instalments

– someone on your level to work with

– someone who you can trust to be 100% open and honest, and get the job done as promised

– access to the knowledge of a full-scale digital marketing agency from one person

– access to a vast network of professionals who I have worked with on multiple successful projects previously

– a happier heart, heavier bank balance and excitement about the good things to come, both with your new website and future campaigns


What is it that you really need?


A first-time website or a re-brand? 


If you already have a website, consider these aspects:


– Is your website older than 3 years old?

– is your website mobile friendly?

– is your website organised?

– is your website modern?

– does your website capture leads?

– does your website have a logical Call to Action?

– was your website abandoned by a previous web designer?

– does your website collect the data needed to reach out to people who organically visited your website and are interested in the content or your product/services?

Just imagine – you stumble across a website that seems to have what you need, but when you have a quick look on your mobile, you instantly hit the return button.

But why do we do that?


For all those reasons I just mentioned above. Simple as.

Where’s the first place that people look to find a local business?  Or some advice?  Do they search on Facebook? No, and as we all say… “have you Googled it?” 

Without a fast performing, mobile friendly modern website, Google will punish you.  And so will your audience. 

Get it sorted, get in touch:


– Send me an email

– Contact me via our website

– Message me on Facebook